Jane Goodall
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Jane Goodall blazed a trail and now it is up to us.  He mission with the Jane Goodall Institute is to    conserve the natural world we all share, and improve the lives of people, animals and the environment.

She believes everything is connected.  From spending years in the Gombe rainforest in Africa alone with an extended family of chimpanzees, to travelling hundreds of day around the world in aid of ecological preservation, to being appointed a United Nations Ambassador of Peace.   If you ever meet her you experience how she just radiates this passionate aliveness, an incredible gentleness and wisdom. Her face has aged so gracefully, expressing the harmony of her inner beauty, the harmony of aging at peace with aging. She wears no makeup, her hair up in a ponytail. I thought, boy, if we could see more people who aged like this, we would be less afraid of aging.  She is a true inspiration to me and the world.

“We all have a choice. What sort of difference do we want to make?”

Significant Quotes it gives me pleasure to share with you. 

My reasons for hope are not scientifically provable.  They’re more an act of faith I suppose.  And they are the human brain, the resilience of nature, the tremendous energy and enthusiasm of young people once they know the problems and are empowered to act.  And finally, the indomitable human spirit.  People I know who tackle impossible tasks and succeed. The people who won’t give up.       

If we realized our actions mattered, and acted in a positive way, there would be instant change. We have to realize that what every single one of us does every single day, does make a difference. It impacts the world around us.

I was so much more fortunate in my beginnings and my early upbringing and the chances I was given, even though my family couldn’t afford bicycles, let alone cars. If only people could get rid of this feeling of helplessness and realize that every single day their lives are impacting the world.

I think, how extraordinary! There’s a little girl born in London to a family with very little money, couldn’t afford bicycles let alone motor cars, how did that little girl get to be the Jane of today traveling around the world. 

And so I like to think of the fable that my mother used to read when I was a child, about the birds coming together to have a competition who could fly the highest.  The mighty eagle is sure that he will win, and majestically he flies higher and higher.  And eventually the other birds get tired.  But hiding in the feathers on his back is a little jenny wren.  And now she takes off and flies higher still.  And the reason I love this is that we all need our eagle.  How high can we fly by ourselves?

I think back over my life at all the amazing people who’ve helped me on this flight, helped to keep me up, helped to sort of give me some updraft when I feel low.  And I see them all as the feathers on my eagle. The big strong feathers and the little small feathers, but every feather playing its part. For everyone I suppose the eagle within the feathers is something different.  But for me it is a part of this great spiritual path on which I can gain strength when all else fails.

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