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This is not a dress rehearsal of the movie called ‘Your Life’ where you sit back and wait to see how it turns out.

This is it. So why not be extraordinary? You are the star, the director and the writer, so make it epic. It’s never too late to change and play full out.

Find out what you are made of. Success ultimately is about the person you become, and what you stand for.

Stand by or Stand up.

What Exactly is the Heroic?

For one thing, the heroic goes well beyond the physical.

Express yourself, what you are really thinking, and you are intellectually heroic.

Show your true feelings, not being afraid to be vulnerable, and you are emotionally heroic.

Have the courage to pursue your dreams and your beliefs, and you are spiritually heroic.

Put your money where your mouth is and apply yourself to succeed in business and career, without ever compromising on integrity or honesty, and you are financially heroic.

The Hero’s Journey is about achieving authentic success, coming into your authentic power, which is power based on truth and nobility. Ever wondered why the (mythical) Knights of the Roundtable were revered as noble? Because their ideals were based on these same revered principles of what it means to be a human worth looking up to. Worth knowing.

Immerse yourself in each of the stages of the adventure and you will step into a new life, one in which you will be proud to be the hero. Being a hero, truth be told, is a heck of a lot of fun. I can think of considerably less attractive ways to spend my life.

Whether it’s to be the very best parent, or to stand up for good schools or a better environment, or to explore your music career or your art or whatever it might be, each of you carries within you the great possibilities that will define your life, an assortment of paths you will choose, less-traveled or otherwise, that will determine the success of your life. Which is why the experts say that your  Quest for Success is your hero’s path calling out to you.  

Just as each of you needs to breathe in order to live, each of you needs to take that journey in order to be a success. And don’t ever for a moment believe it’s too late to begin. Go for it. What have you got to lose but your one precious life?

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